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" You will never walk alone"

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We are 100% U of The AFR. We believe alcohol takes away the things that make U, U.


At the AFR 100% U, we offer donation-based online Zoom coaching classes

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Alcohol Free Guru Videos

Who We Are

We are 100% U of The AFR. We believe alcohol takes away the things that make U, U.

Alcohol is constantly taking a percentage of U and your health, family, friends, confidence, looks, money, time and so much more. Pretty soon alcohol has taken so much away that there is only a small percentage of U left. 

100% U is a place to learn how to get all those things back and more, returning U to 100% U. 

The AFR is a nonprofit committed to helping people all over the world control alcohol and raise consciousness.

We Are for You
What We Do

At the AFR 100% U, we offer donation-based online Zoom coaching classes for people to learn how to control alcohol, improve their lives, their families, and their communities.
➤ We are a safe space.

➤ Through empowering people, improving individual and community well-being, and inspiring action, we aim to create meaningful change around the world.

➤ We are not aligned with any religion. We do have coaches and teammates from all kinds of different religious backgrounds (atheism as well) and we recognize, honor, and love the light in each of us.
➤ We work on setting boundaries and know that any resentment is a clear sign of boundary issues.

➤ We are LGBTQ+ family.

What We Do
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"Becoming and living alcohol-free is a wild adventure that is filled with joy and fun."
Alcohol Free Mocktail Classes

Join Micky Shakerz as he teaches how to make amazing alcohol free cocktails!

Travel Tips

The Alcohol Free Guru offers helpful travel hints to stay alcohol free in even the party-est of places.

“life is not a question or riddle to be answered or solved, it is a mystery to be experienced. Let's go!”
Alcohol Free Guru Videos
Guru Vids
Order Dustin’s Book
(all author proceeds are donated back)

Just as Holly Whitaker offered women a radical path to being alcohol-free in her New York Times bestselling Quit Like a Woman, Dustin combines his own experiences with his extensive background in psychology to expose the lies we all too willingly accept about alcohol and interrogates the part culture plays in reinforcing these lies, particularly for men—and shows readers how they too can break free from alcohol addiction.

Recommended Readings

This Naked Mind
by Annie Grace

You're Doing Great!

and  Other Lies Alcohol Told Me

by  Dustin Dunbar

The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober
by Catherine Gray

Quit Like a Woman
by Holly Whitaker

Quit Drinking without Willpower
by Allen Carr


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